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You asked for it, so here it is!

You asked for it, so here it is!

We get a lot of product requests and recommendations from our customers; which we really appreciate. Feedback from our shoppers, like you, allows us to ensure that we are offering relevant and useful items for you and your loved ones.

We often get a lot of inquiries and requests about products to help loved ones who are in long-term care manage incontinence on day trips to visit families or friends. 

Incontinence is quite common among seniors; with over 50% of the population aged 65 and up dealing with it daily. So if your loved one comes to visit for a holiday or special occasion, it shouldn’t be too surprising to find out they are experiencing continence issues. 

Incontinence tends to come with accidents that can result in damages to mattresses, bedding, chairs, and other furniture pieces. To help keep your loved one comfortable away from their home and protect your home from potential leaks, we have added underpads to our Geri Fashions catalogue of items.

What are underpads? Underpads are an absorbent product, either washable or disposable, that are used to protect furniture and other items from leaks related to incontinence. They can be placed on mattresses, cushioned seats, car seats, wheelchairs and more.

Underpads are available on our website under the caregiver essentials and accessory sections. 

If you’re looking for more incontinence products and supplies, we recommend you check out our sister company Healthwick. Healthwick offers Canada’s largest selection of adult incontinence products with fast, discreet shipping and free samples.

We hope this helps!


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