About Us

Geri Fashions

Geri Fashions is a clothing retailer that offers conventional and adaptive clothing for seniors, as well as those who love & care for them.  We provide clothing that is thoughtful for all needs and sizes, ensuring there is something for everyone.

The Geri Fashions range of clothing includes diabetic shoes for women and men, open back shirts, women's and men's nightgowns, non slip socks, and wheel-chair friendly pants, as well as non-adaptive clothing that is comfortable and functional for elderly men and women. 

Our products make dressing easier for seniors, as well as those managing a variety of conditions including clothing for shoulder surgery recovery, hospital visit clothing, clothing for Alzheimer's patients, shoes for edema, clothing for coping with disabilities, clothing for wheelchair users, and clothing for the bedridden, as well as simply comfortable clothing for senior women and men.

To accomplish this, our experienced buyers look for the following when purchasing each season:

  • Fashionable styles for seniors and the young at heart (regular and adapted)

  • Fabrics that are both comfortable and able to withstand most laundry challenges

  • Pricing options to fit all budgets

We give all people, regardless of their mobility, the opportunity to feel and look good in the clothes they wear.

Geri Fashions was founded in 1981 by two nurses who realized that there was a lack of clothing options for those with disabilities. By teaming up with new designers and manufacturers, they were able to source clothing to address this need. They also decided that a mobile store, which went directly to customers homes, would provide easy access to this new type of clothing.

About Us

Today, Geri Fashions continues to source the best clothing (including Canadian-made adaptive clothing) for our customers and their loved ones. As well, we have a comprehensive website and helpful customer service team whose main goal is to help those across Canada and the USA.

All of this supports our end goal - Providing styles to love, that are easy to wear.

Geri Fashions is Canadian and privately owned and operated, with our main office in Oakville, Ontario Canada. We ship nation-wide from our 11,000 square foot warehouse, with most items in-stock shipped the same day. 

If you have any questions, our friendly and helpful customer care team is available toll free at 1-800-361-4374. You can also send an email to help@gerifashions.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Our Mission & Core Values

Geri Fashions' mission is simple: We provide styles to love that are easy to wear.

Along with our three core values, Geri Fashions is one of the top online adaptive and conventional clothing for seniors today!


  • We take pride in our ability to build trust with our customers by exhibiting honesty and respect.


  • We understand that our customers may have difficulty adapting to their new lifestyle. That is why we provide attractive, helpful products and convenient browsing methods to ensure people feel their needs are being put first.  


  • Here at Geri Fashions we are determined to provide the best clothing, best solutions and the best customer service. We are determined to help you and your loved ones find the products they need.