SocksGeri Fashions carries a selection of socks for both men and women in thoughtful sizes and options. These socks are designed to be comfortable and assist you in your daily activities. Anti-slip socks are a popular sock option for seniors, as they help to prevent slips and falls. Socks that accommodate for swollen feet are a common need for those with diabetes and people with certain health conditions. 
Anti-slip socks which are also commonly known as non-slip socks, non-skid socks, gripper socks and hospital (grip) socks. These are socks with grips on the bottom that prevent someone from hazards such as slipping and falling. The majority of our non-slip hospital socks are made without an elastic top to ensure that there is no added pressure around the leg.

Socks for swollen feet are commonly referred to as either diabetic socks, edema socks or orthopedic socks. These socks are great for people with diabetes or any other condition they may cause their feet to get larger or wider than the average foot size. 


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