When Is My Parent Ready for a Senior Living Community?

When Is My Parent Ready for a Senior Living Community?

It may be difficult to see our parents as people, instead of the seemingly immortal heroes they are in our minds. Sure, they may need extra help or a caregiver sometimes, but they are strong. Even if you think they may need a change by moving into a senior living community or retirement home, they may feel that leaving their home means losing their freedom. 

How do you know they’re ready for a change? There are a few indicators to watch out for that may suggest that your loved one might consider a senior living lifestyle option as their best course of action.

Social and Emotional Needs Aren’t Met

Start asking yourself if their social and emotional needs are being met living at home. Do they have friends, hobbies, or activities that they enjoy? If you start to notice they are becoming more isolated, a senior living residence might be a good option. 

Not only will they be a part of a community of new friends, but they will have activities to keep them busy, and caregivers' support whenever they need it.

Taking Care of the Home

Is it overwhelming for them to take care of their home? Home maintenance is a major task for anyone and not an entertaining one at that. 

If you feel your parent is no longer enjoying having a home to clean day-to-day, it may be time to move into a home where someone else is in charge of maintenance and cleaning. 

Day-to-Day Functions

Are they slowly getting tired of leaving the house for appointments or grocery shopping? Are they struggling with consistent personal hygiene or finding it energy-consuming to prepare meals on their own? 

In a senior living community, they will get to eat prepared meals, and there is enough support to ensure all of their needs are met. 


It is hard not to be concerned for their safety. You want to protect your mom or dad from falls or other injuries. If they have mobility issues, you may be worried about how accessible the bathroom, kitchen, and front door are. If the home needs to be adapted to your senior’s changing needs, is it too expensive to do so? 

A more suitable option may be researching senior residences to keep them safe and provide you with peace of mind.

These factors are here to help you start thinking about whether to make the change, and how soon they may need it. They will have concerns, so ensure you support them as you go down the journey and further think about things.

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