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What's a Dignity Suit?

What's a Dignity Suit?


Adult Onesie or Anti-Strip Suit
Dignity suits, also known as anti-strip jumpsuits or "onesies", are type of adaptive clothing primarily used with individuals who have Alzheimer’s or dementia. The purpose of dignity suits is to prevent inappropriate undressing, ensuring comfort and safety for individual and their caregiver. 

These jumpsuits are designed to look like regular clothing (a complete outfit during the day, and a onesie at nighttime), and are available for both men and women


The attached top and bottoms of daytime dignity suits resemble a full outfit, and nighttime dignity suits look and feel like a one-piece pajama set, providing comfort to the wearer.

How do Dignity Suits Work?

Dignity suits are fastened using snaps and zippers at both the neckline and crotch. The placement of these fasteners make it difficult for someone to undress themselves without assistance, ensuring your loved one is fully clothed when they need to be.

More importantly, loved ones who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's disease often feel comforted by being fully clothed and not having clothing toggles to "fiddle" with constantly. 

Dignity Suits do require assistance for undressing, so work best for loved ones that are on a regular toileting regime or who are actively using incontinence products.

Looking for More Information? Check out our How to Choose a Dignity Suit educational webpage. 

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