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Summer Trends to Get Behind (Women’s Edition)

Summer Trends to Get Behind (Women’s Edition)

Who said adaptive clothing can’t remain fashionable? This blog is a guide for all things summer! We’ll break down the styles of the season, and how our catalog is right in tune with the freshest looks.

1) Brighten it up!

Firstly, summer is the opportunity to wear bright and fresh colours. Say goodbye to dark colours from fall and winter, such as grey and maroon. So hello to bright blues, yellows, and flowery purples. Pinks are always a great idea, to brighten up any outfit and bring life to your surroundings. Geri Fashions offers the following summer top options to brighten up your adaptive clothing wardrobe.


2) Beauty of the Capri Pant

Next, let’s talk about an item that can be universally styled. You can elevate a capri, dress it down, or funk it up. Capris were worn by stars like Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe. Audrey Hepburn was an icon who adored capri pants. You can style the adaptive capri pants in our catalog in any way you like, while remaining as comfortable as you please.

3) Beach-inspired patterns

Dressing for summer includes mentally being on the beach at all times. Colourful patterns are the way to go for a more elevated look instead of monotone outfits. Check out the different items we have that have unique patterns to match any beach mood. 

4) The perfect accessory 

Finding the perfect lightweight scarf to accompany your attire is a great way to accessorize your look. Scarves are versatile fashion accessories, easily adding color and completing the look. Check out these 100% polyester scarves in our store.

5) The Secret to Chic

The key to chic is letting go of any inhibitions you may have towards clothing. Don’t be afraid to wear items that make you feel beautiful. Skirts and dresses are the perfect attire for summer, and they are a standout from regular day-to-day clothing (especially after the frigid winter months). Add more life to your wardrobe through dresses and skirts that will help you feel beautiful and rejuvenate your youth.

We hope this article will help get a sense of some tips for your wardrobe, and have your closet ready for the summer as we transition into this beautiful weather!

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