Oh Canada!

Canada Day is this Friday, July 1st. Canada Day is an important day, whether you're celebrating with family, having a peaceful night in, or watching fireworks. Geri Fashions is made in Canada, and we are proud to say that most of our adaptive clothing is made locally in Canada.

As a Canadian company on Canada Day, we think it's important to recognize that our office is located on the traditional lands of the Mississauga's of the Credit, part of the Anishinaabe Nation that extends from the Niagara peninsula across Hamilton, Halton and Toronto to the Rouge River Valley.

July 1st is a day to honour all that makes us Canadian: our values, our diversity, our independence, and our country's natural beauty. 

We also have a lot of fun with stereotypes. We consume Canadian food, dress in traditional Canadian fashion, and partake in traditional Canadian festivals. Here are some of our staff favourite stereotypes!

The Food

No matter where you travel, you’re almost guaranteed to start missing the comfort food from Canada. Tim Hortons, of course, has a special place in our hearts. You can never go wrong with a double double, or an Iced Capp for the kids. As cliche as it is, poutine is a classic. Those cheese curds with that smooth gravy? Sign me up. But of course, the most Canadian of them all: maple syrup. It’s impossible to have a nice pancake breakfast without it. 

The Fashion

We Canadians love our red and white. If you attend any festival or step outside your house on July 1st, you may see a sea of people wearing red and white. This community feeling is definitely in tune with Canadian culture. Our fashion also consists of flannel shirts and team jerseys. Are you a Leafs fan, Oilers fan, or more of a Raptors person? Either way, go team!

The Fun

As for festivities, major cities tend to have festivals or events. Since COVID, it seems to be the first summer where these festivals are on again. Of course we recommend you to be safe and take all precautions, but attending one to see what your community looks like could be a fun time. If events don’t interest you, spending a day outdoors is never a bad idea. Join the family for an outdoor walk or meal and enjoy the weather. 

We are proud to be Canadian, and we wish you the best on this Canada Day.

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