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Keep it Simple & Save with Sets

Keep it Simple & Save with Sets

We've been racking our brains to figure out how we can make things easier - for you and the ones you support. We hope this helps.

 Introducing Adaptive Sets

We know that putting together an adaptive wardrobe for a loved one can be quite costly. Making sure they have enough pants, shirts, and undergarments to last them until the next laundry day is very important.

So, to help reduce your shopping expense and make this experience more convenient, we’ve put together adaptive sets for Women and Men. They feature:

  • Tried-and-True Items
  • Easy to Shop Bundles of Bestsellers
  • Simple Sizing
  • Savings from 10-15% Off!

If you’re moving your loved one into long-term care or are new to adaptive clothing, we’d recommend you take a look at our adaptive welcome sets. These sets include a few of every essential item you loved one will need, and allows you to quickly and more affordably shop.

If you’re looking to add items to your loved ones wardrobe, we’d suggest shopping for our daily-wear sets. These include sets of undergarments, nightwear, pants and tops.

Adaptive sets are available for both men and women, with styles that change seasonally. Take a look at a few of the popular adaptive sets for men and women, and let us know what you think at!

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