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How to Choose Adaptive Slippers

How to Choose Adaptive Slippers

Adaptive slippers, also known as indoor shoes and non-slip shoes, are a great option for those who struggle with traditional footwear. Snaps, zippers and laces on shoes can be challenging for those with limited mobility. Adaptive slippers feature Velcro closures for ease and simplicity, making them a great alternative. They’re also a great option for those with swollen feet or are dressed by a caregiver.

There are different types and styles of adaptive slippers for both men and women. They open and close differently and come in multiple widths to ensure there is a good option for everyone. If you’re interested in adaptive slippers, you’re going to want to make sure you are selecting the best pair for your unique needs.

To help make shopping easier, we’ve outlined the key benefits and functions of each style and type of adaptive footwear below. If you have any questions about adaptive slippers or indoor shoes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We’re here to help!

Doctor and Nurse Slippers

Doctor and Nurse slippers are the same style of footwear just with different names. Doctor slippers are in men’s sizes and Nurse slippers are in women’s sizes. This is a great and uncomplicated footwear option for those who have limited mobility. The 3-way adjustable Velcro closure allows this slipper to almost entirely open so that the foot can be easily placed inside. 

For added comfort, these slippers also include a removable leather insole with memory foam. Doctor and Nurse slippers offer extra depth to accommodate for those with swollen feet. The non-slip sole offers extra protection for your loved one.

Doctor and Nurse Adaptive Slippers

Physician Slippers

This style of slipper is available for both men and women. Physician slippers are designed to help relieve podiatry issues and accommodate for any swelling that occurs. Like most of our adaptive slippers, this shoe comes with a removable leather memory foam insole for added comfort and a non-slip sole.

Velcro closures eliminate the struggle of using laces, snaps or zippers. The top and back of this slipper fully opens to allow for easy don and removal. 

Physician Adaptive Slippers - Geri Fashions

Ladies’ Jewel Slippers

This slipper is one of our most popular adaptive footwear options for women. The simple design features one Velcro tab and a slip-resistant sole. The single Velcro tab makes this straightforward to put-on and take-off. 

As an added bonus, this slipper is completely washable and can be worn both indoors and outdoors. The comfortable sole allows this slipper to be worn on a daily basis. 

Ladies' Jewel Adaptive Slippers - Geri Fashions


Ladies’ Debbien Slippers

These slippers for ladies are a great all-year indoor shoe or warm weather outdoor shoe. The two adjustable Velcro fasteners make this an easy to wear option for women. The memory foam sole is removable and adds extra comfort for daily wear. Not to mention, this slipper is washable and features a non-slip sole. 

Ladies' Debbien Adaptive Slippers - Geri Fashions

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