Helpful Things for Elderly Living at Home

Helpful Things for Elderly Living at Home

Whether your aging loved one lives alone or not, it’s important to ensure the home is safe and user-friendly for your senior loved ones to use. Installing helpful products will make the home a much more enjoyable and comfortable place. The following are some gadgets and tools that we recommend. 

Grab bars

These bars can be installed in the bathroom, as slippery floors can be hazardous for elderly people. Grab bars are safety devices that allow a person to maintain balance, reduce fatigue while standing, hold some of their weight while maneuvering, or have something to grab onto in the event of a slip or fall.

Grip bath mat

Another item that is used in the bathroom, a grip bath mat is perfect for seniors who are mobile. The grips will reduce risk of slips and falls, and make it easier to enter and exit the shower.

Ring doorbell

Video doorbells, also known as smart doorbells, are an effective way to keep elderly parents and relatives at home safer and more secure. They are a practical solution for the less mobile who struggle to get to the front door, as well as keeping vulnerable and frail people safe from unknown or unwanted visitors, by using a video camera and two-way speakers accessible through an app or base set indoors.

Large button telephone

To encourage seniors to call more frequently, a large button telephone may be the answer. The numbers are large enough for seniors to dial, and this specific product has space for images of faces, so that they can click one button to dial. 

Shower chair

To ensure your elderly loved one feels at ease while bathing, a shower chair may be the optimal solution. This product grips to the bathtub, and includes a comfortable backrest to rest on. 

Calendar day clock

This clock has a large, clear display of the time, day, and time of day it is. This may be useful for memory loss or vision impaired, dementia, or Alzheimer’s patients. There are also alarms available to set, such as to take medications, shower, or any other key events. 

Anti-slip shoes

These slippers are designed to relieve podiatry issues and accommodate for swelling. These slippers, also referred to as indoor shoes or anti-slip shoes, also feature a fully adjustable heel and forefoot to ensure optimal comfort for the wearer. 

Raised toilet seat

A raised toilet seat raises the height of a toilet to a more comfortable level, making it easier to sit and get up.

Emergency smart call button

The caregiver pager system is just like an "emergency communicator" which is designed for caregivers to take care of their seniors at home. They do not need to yell to get the caregiver's attention. The panic button allows the caregiver to handle daily tasks freely and no more fear of missing the elder's call.

Automatic pill dispenser

This Automatic Pill Reminder Box helps you organize, monitor & dispense medications that your senior may need. It ensures they are reminded to take their medications on time, and help keep track of when a refill is needed. 

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