Guide to Men’s Adaptive Clothing

Guide to Men’s Adaptive Clothing

Regular clothing can be challenging or uncomfortable for seniors as they age. Your senior may find it difficult to button up his shirts, or if he's in a wheelchair, he may struggle to put on pants even with assistance. Tying shoes can be challenging for seniors living with dementia.

Adaptive clothing can help seniors feel less frustrated and more comfortable. Geri Fashions has clothes designed for elderly loved ones, or those facing specific illnesses like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease.

Now, let’s look at a free guide on building an adaptive wardrobe for your male senior loved one.

Open Back Tops

Open back tops are fastened using snaps at the shoulder. The back of the garment can fully open, allowing an individual to be dressed and undressed without having to raise their arms. 

The design of these adaptive tops provides full coverage for the wearer and looks like a traditional top at first glance. 

Men’s open-back tops are available in a wide variety of styles. We feature a range of men's adaptive tops for lounge days, evening events or your next workout. Having a large selection of style options helps to ensure that there is something for everyone.

Open Back Pants

As the name suggests, open-back pants are adaptive garments that open at the back. Open-back pants are ideal clothing for those in wheelchairs and those who cannot bear weight or be restricted by traditional pants. 

This type of pants is great for caregivers as they allow an individual to be changed in a standing or laying position.

Open-back pants are cut out at the back but have generous-sized modesty flaps to provide coverage. They’re fastened using 3 snaps at the back of the pants. These snaps allow for adjustment by approximately 1.5 to 2 inches.

Adaptive Nightwear

Adaptive clothing helps to make dressing easier and more convenient during the day and at nighttime. Men's adaptive sleepwear and pajamas from Geri Fashions offers top-quality clothing for comfort and quality. 

Enjoy getting ready for bed with ease thanks to shoulder snaps that allow the garment to full open. This is great for caregivers as it allows a person to be dressed and undressed without having to raise their arms.

With many material options such as flannel, cotton, fleece and poly-cotton that can come with short or long sleeve choices, we’re sure that you’ll find something fashionable and comfortable for bedtime.

Snap Shoulder Undervest

This Men's Snap Shoulder Undervest is a true staple for many people. Made of 100% cotton, this undershirt has great breathability and allows for optimal comfort. This item is meant to be worn under a top or sweater to allow for extra coverage.

This item is adaptive by being completely open-backed when you undo the snap closures found on either shoulder. Generous, overlapping flaps at the back provide full coverage for the wearer. 

Based on customer feedback, we recommend having multiple at all times; One to wear, the other in your closet and the remaining one in the laundry. We carry a Daily Wear Set so you save 15% when you buy a 4-pack.

Adaptive Men's Dignity Suit

Dignity suits are adaptive garments commonly used by individuals who have Alzheimer's or dementia. This suit, also known as an anti-strip suit, is used to prevent inappropriate undressing. 

Snaps and zippers at the neckline and the back of the garment make it difficult for the person wearing the suit to take it off unassisted. This helps to provide safety and comfort for the wearer as well as their caregiver.

If you would like more information about dignity suits and how to select one, we recommend you read our How to Choose a Dignity Suit guide.

Shop our assortment of men's dignity suits for both day and nighttime wear. This garment will help to keep your loved one safe and comfortable through the day and overnight.

Men’s Doctor’s Slippers

Geri Fashions carries a variety of adaptive and Velcro-closure shoes and slippers. The large Velcro fasteners allow adaptive slippers to open wider than a traditional slipper so that the individual's foot may be placed inside with minimal effort.  


Shoes for swollen feet are a common need for people who have diabetes and other health conditions. We carry a selection of diabetic shoes for men. 

Our Men's Doctor Slippers are a wool blend slipper with a hard bottom that are adjustable to provide comfort for swollen feet. This slipper features a 3 way adjustable Velcro strap and a removable leather insole. Half sizes not available in the larger sizes.

We intend for this guide to help you start shopping for your loved one who adaptive clothing can aid. If you are still unsure about where to start, we highly recommend our Men’s Adaptive Sets. For your convenience, we've grouped select daily-wear bestsellers into sets, with a discount to simplify shopping.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us! You can call us Toll-Free at 1-800-361-4374 or email

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