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Easy-Wear vs. Adaptive Clothing: Why We Carry Both

Easy-Wear vs. Adaptive Clothing: Why We Carry Both
Adaptive and easy-wear clothing - what’s the difference?

Well, both adaptive and easy-wear clothing are great for seniors and those with limited mobility. Although Geri Fashions’ primary focus is adaptive clothing, we recognize that some people with limited mobility may not be ready for adaptive clothing, and just need some garments that are easier to put on and take off.

Adaptive clothing, like open back tops and pants, are really beneficial for those who have very limited mobility and are being looked after by a caregiver. The idea behind adaptive clothing is to make the dressing process less stressful for both the individual and their caregiver. Open back tops, for example, are great because they allow a person to be easily dressed in a sitting, standing, or lying position, as they don’t need to raise their arms.

However, many seniors still look after themselves or are still mobile enough to dress in non-adaptive clothing, and that’s where easy-wear clothing comes in.

Easy-Wear and Adaptive Clothing
Items like pants with an elasticized waist, cardigans, and pull-over shirts can be very beneficial for those who can and want to dress themselves, as it simply makes dressing more comfortable. By removing buttons and zippers from non-adaptive clothing, it can make dressing much easier for an individual with limited mobility.

And, of course, whether you’re buying adaptive OR easy-wear clothing with Geri Fashions, we make sure that all our clothing is good quality, durable and (in most cases) Canadian-made.

Our focus has always been on providing clothing that is easy to wear, comfortable and stylish. That’s why we feel that carrying both adaptive and easy-wear clothing is a great way to provide fashions for everyone.

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