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3 Easy-Wear Items for Seniors

3 Easy-Wear Items for Seniors

Adaptive clothing is apparel designed to make changing easier for those who face mobility challenges. This type of clothing allows an individual to more be easily changed by a caregiver or loved one.

If your senior Mom or Dad struggles with dressing but isn’t ready for adaptive clothing just yet, we have a few clothing suggestions that may help make things easier. 


1) Pull-On Pants

This style of pants is great for seniors who have certain mobility issues. The stretchy elastic waist allows the pant to be easily pulled up. Pull-on pants take away the stress of having to fumble with buttons and zippers found on a standard trouser.

Pull-on pants are available for both men and women in a full range of sizes from petite to plus. Not to mention the variety of colour and fabric options to suit individual tastes and preferences. This type of pants are made from durable materials to hold up well after multiple laundry cycles. 

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2) Fleece Bed Coats

If you’re looking for added warmth that’s easy to wear, bed coats are a great option. A single Velcro tab at the neckline keeps this garment in place. The unisex design can suit all body types and can be worn during the day or right before bed. This fleece cape is available in a variety of colours to satisfy individual tastes and preferences.


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3) Top-Open Shoes and Slippers

It’s common for many seniors to have trouble with conventional footwear. Laces, buckles and straps can make shoes difficult to put on and take off. Even shoes and boots designed to be pulled on can be challenging as they require some strength to pull them up. 

Velcro shoes and slippers are a good solution to this problem. The large Velcro tabs allow the shoes to fully open so the foot can be more easily placed inside. Many of these styles are available in wide sizes to accommodate for swollen feet and the non-slip soles add an extra safety feature. This style of footwear is available for both men and women in a full range of sizes and style options. 

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 3 Easy-Wear Items for Seniors - Geri Fashions

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