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3 Adaptive Wardrobe Must-Haves 

3 Adaptive Wardrobe Must-Haves 

If you're looking for adaptive clothing to add to your loved one's wardrobe, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which items you should be prioritizing or investing in first. Everyone is different, so our individual needs when it comes to adaptive clothing are too. However, there are a few staple items that we recommend having in your wardrobe, and they’re also highly recommended by Geri Fashions customers.

Adaptive Undervests

“Purchased this undervest for my 97 year old Mother and she loved it! Soft, easy to put on and very comfortable.” 

- Peggy, Geri Fashions Customer

Snap Shoulder Undervest - Geri Fashions

These adaptive undervests, available in options for both men and women, are very versatile and useful. They are a great product to add extra coverage or layers to an outfit. Made from soft and durable materials, these undervests are comfortable and can withstand repeating laundry cycles. 

Based on feedback from our customers, we recommend having at least 3 of these in your adaptive wardrobe: one to wear, one in the laundry, and one in your closet.

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Adaptive Nightgowns & Nightshirts

“I bought this for my 99 year old mother-in-law and I have to say, it has been a life changer for her and her nurses. She finds it hard to stand these days and this nightie allows for it to be put on while she is seated and the ease of putting her arms through is great. Very full coverage in the back. It’s nice to be able to wash her after her accidents with her being able to still be covered. She says it’s comfortable to sleep in. Very soft. I highly recommend it. Washes well too.”

- Sondra, Geri Fashions Customer

Knit Adaptive Nightgown and Nightshirt - Geri Fashions

Nightwear pieces are important garments when building an adaptive wardrobe, and knit adaptive nightgowns and nightshirts are a great place to start. 

Knit and poly-cotton adaptive nightgowns and nightshirts are lightweight and breathable. Flannel nightwear is also a great option for winter months and for those who want to stay cozy through the night. The open back design allows for an easier changing experience. Not only are they made of comfortable fabrics, but they can be washed and dried in industrial grade laundry machines without shrinking or losing their shape.

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Open Back Pants

“I always had to pull my pants up to the tops of my thighs, then my husband had to struggle to get them the rest of the way. I had to strain to hold myself up by my arms. With these, he can wrap the top of the pants around me and snap them into place. Much less strain for both of us.”

- Sandy, Geri Fashions Customer

Cozy Knit Open Back Pants - Geri Fashions

Open back pants are ideal for those who are being changed and looked after by a caregiver, making them a popular adaptive garment for those living in long-term care homes. There are many different fabric options available in a variety of colours. So whether you're looking for a cozy knit pant or a dressier style, there's an option to help your loved one look and feel great.

One of our most popular options are the Cozy Knit Open Back pants. This material is soft and cozy, but still lightweight enough to be comfortable year-round. 

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