What is Adaptive Clothing?

Adaptive clothing is apparel that has been designed for people who have difficulties dressing themselves due to age, disability or general lack of mobility. Common misconceptions of adaptive clothing is that it is only for people who are bound to a wheelchair, however anyone who is limited by traditional clothing can benefit from adaptive clothing.
Adaptive Clothing 
Many seniors and caregivers appreciate the ease and comfort that adaptive clothing can offer, as this style of clothing helps to take the stress out of getting dressed.  

There are many types and styles of adaptive clothing. At Geri Fashions, we carry an assortment of open back pants and tops, side opening pants, adaptive slippers, and dignity suits for both men and women.

Help your loved one look and feel great in senior-friendly clothing that combines fashion and function. If you'd like to learn more about adaptive clothing, we recommend you check out our What is Adaptive Clothing? information page.

Need sizing information? View our Geri Fashions Size Guide.

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Adaptive Clothing

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