Adaptive SlippersGeri Fashions carries a variety of adaptive and Velcro-closure shoes and slippers for men and women. The large Velcro fasteners allow adaptive slippers open wider than a traditional slipper so that the individual's foot may be placed inside with minimal effort.  Adaptive slippers provide protection while still being comfortable to wear. Our men's and women's adaptive slippers are great for both indoor and outdoor use as they have a hard rubber sole that makes them easy to walk in.
Shoes for swollen feet are a common need for people who have diabetes and other health conditions. We carry a selection diabetic shoes for women and men. These women's and men's shoes for swollen feet are extra wide shoes with Velcro closures that will allow the shoe to fit properly and be easily put on and taken off. 

To learn more about adaptive slippers and adaptive clothing, check out this educational page - What is Adaptive Clothing? 


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